What people are saying about Lessons from the Business Heroes of the Pandemic:

Recently my book was reviewed by an Instagram book reviewer. Here is the review.

From Jessica_bookpedia on Instagram;

Review: ” When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” Welcome back dear readers! The global pandemic has hit us real hard. With so much of destruction to the human life and infrastructure, the another aspect which got attacked is the employment sector. The unemployment in 2020, rised to 14.7%, the organisations filtered out the employees whom they recognised as less important or non-essential. This made a lot of people hopeless. This book by the author Duane McHodgkins aims to provide the most rational and possible guidance to the readers so that they can start things from their level and can save them from such catastrophic situations in the future. The book does not just provide suggestions but it actually presents real examples and possible aspects which can actually help you to start working with minimum resources. Situations like these are unpredictable, so to make the earnings constant and to keep a safer side the author has come up with a wonderful and revolutionary guide. Each and every point in the book is rational and can be followed by the readers, this will help the individuals to grow and will prevent them from becoming unessential.

A very useful self help guide for the current times. The best part is that is provides the most practical ways and examples which can be practiced by anyone. I really loved the author’s idea and I appreciate the efforts behind the book. The content is well researched and really helpful, this will benefit a lot of people who lost their hopes and will help them to become financially stable and make their income constant. I have shared this to a lot of people and I’m sure it will benefit everyone.

I would definitely recommend you all to read this well composed self help book. The book will not only help you to prepare yourself for the tough times but will also initiate a pathway for secondary income. A book worth sharing, so get your copies now and share it more and more.

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